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A woman and boy in 17th century costume prepare a grill at Geneva's Escalade

Escalade, Geneva

Geneva's best known holiday, the Escalade, commemorates the city's defeat of the Roman Catholic troops of the Duke of Savoy in 1602. It is celebrated at the weekend closest to the night of December 11-12th. Many local people dress up in 17th century costume.

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  • Women dressed in traditional feast day costume on the Corpus Christi procession in Appenzell
  • A choir boy walks past the Corpus Christi banners propped against a wall in Appenzell
  • Pikemen rest during the commemorations of the 1386 battle of Sempach
  • Pikemen march to the site of the battle of Sempach, which is commemorated every year
  • Crossbowmen take part in commemorations of the 1386 battle of Sempach


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