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Chillon Castle standing out in Lake Geneva

Chillon Castle, Canton Vaud

The strategic site of Chillon at the eastern end of Lake Geneva, has been fortified since the 9th century, but construction of the present castle started in the 12th century when it came into the possession of the dukes of Savoy. For 200 years it was one of their favourite residences. The castle was also used as a prison: the most famous prisoner was the Genevan reformer and scholar, François Bonivard, who spent four years chained to a pillar before being released by the Bernese in 1536. He is the hero of Byron's poem "The Prisoner of Chillon." The traces of the Bernese bear visible on the castle wall date to the time when Bern ruled what is now Canton Vaud (1536-1798). The castle was extensively restored at the end of the 19th century.

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