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Life in Switzerland

Switzerland has a great deal to offer: cultural diversity, multilingualism, stunning scenery and, of course, its people. is giving you the chance to discover what "Life in Switzerland" is really like, from the people who either call Switzerland home or who have a close connection with the country.

Be sure to visit our website regularly to read the latest profiles and find out more about what it is like to live in Switzerland.

Jingwen loves Fasnachtskuchen
Q likes Switzerland's summer festivals
Peter - barefoot in Bern
Laurent, the tight-lipped daydreamer
Tina, the brunch addict
Claudine - the seasoned train traveller
Wolfgang, a diehard Switzerland fan
Angela enjoys a glass of Swiss white wine
Christelle is mad about chocolate
Patrick G. - Bernese roots in Down Under
Nadja loves going for a swim in the Aare
Anouk - a levelheaded joker
Smilja loves literature and culture
Gil eats and breathes fire
Nicolas – a scooter-loving, high-speed surfer
Véronique hails from the birthplace of absinthe
For Aurélie, the future is apple-green!
Philippe: a house-proud computer fan
Marc keeps it cool like his fridge
Ercan, cool and chilled
Kevin: nice guy with a big mouth
Jürg loves rösti and risotto
Daniel - mad about architecture!
Kirstine Mette has got a sofa with a view!
Tristan, a Swiss man in Paris
N. - a little part of Switzerland in the Rhineland
Patricia loves papet vaudois
Leo-Friedl: a Swiss ex-pat in Thailand
Nathalie loves Cenovis
Mark lives in Cannes with his parrots
Mary-Ann - a cat lover from Zurich
Margrit the cross-country enthusiast
Josef: a Swiss man who now calls Germany home
Laurent - a city slicker who loves the mountains
Daniel does the laundry every Saturday

Join in!

You can create your own profile in a few short steps. You also have the possibility of adding your own text, photos and videos.

Come on, show the world what Switzerland is really like!

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