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Switzerland, USA, UK and Sweden.

Switzerland, USA, UK and Sweden

Switzerland, USA, UK and Sweden
  Switzerland USA UK Sweden
Population 7,95 Mio 313, 8 Mio 63,04 Mio 9,1 Mio
Area 41,285 km² 9,826,675 km² 243,610 km² 450,295 km²
Government type Federal state, semi-direct democracy Federal republic Constitutional monarchy and Commonwealth realm Constitutional monarchy
Capital Bern Washington, DC London Stockholm
Cantons / districts / counties 26 cantons 50 states and 1 district   21 counties
Official languages German, French, Italian, Rumantsch English (Hawaiian is an official language in the state of Hawaii) English and recognized regional languages (Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Irish, Cornish) Swedish
Currency Swiss franc US dollar British pound Swedish kronor

Switzerland and its cantons

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